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Prioritizing Quality & Collaboration

Partners. This one word can sum up our process. We approach every project, client, architect and engineer as equal partners who must all come together to face and overcome the unique challenges that each project brings. We see our role as professional consultants working for the client and with the architects/engineers, as a sounding board for determining the most efficient and economical construction materials, methods, and methodology.

When we all come to the table, we have open minds and positive attitudes. We are always willing to seek counsel from other team members to reach the best outcome for the client. Instead of pointing fingers and casting blame, we all look ahead and work towards a solution. During construction, we will constantly look ahead for any conflicts or issues that could slow progress. We truly enjoy the building process and sharing this joy with all the team members.

Triangle is well-versed in all construction contract delivery methods such as lump sum, construction managers-at-risk, design-build, etc. We will work with you to ensure our contract and delivery method best benefit your project.

What to Expect When You Partner with Triangle


A project manager (PM) is assigned at the start of the preconstruction phase of a project. The PM is responsible for estimating and the project schedule from the very beginning. As with other firms, there may be a loss of information during a “hand-off” between preconstruction and a PM, however, with Triangle, there is no loss of information because there is no “hand-off.” A Triangle PM is involved during preconstruction, remains by a client’s side all the way through project completion, and will always be available for call back or warranty questions should they arise.


During the design phase, Triangle reviews proposed materials and systems and provides feedback based on cost and experience. We consult with trusted suppliers who specialize in the necessary division of work to make sure that the project team fully understands the proposed materials, systems, and their associated costs. This information will be incorporated into your budget and schedule, which will result in very accurate information that can be confidently used to track the overall project cost and schedule.

Subcontractor Selection

A successful construction project hinges largely on a strong team of subcontractors. Before the bidding process even begins, Triangle vets potential subcontractors (and equipment) that we trust and that have the experience needed to execute the type and size of construction work necessary for your project. Typically, we will prequalify 3-5 subcontractors for each trade. By doing this, subcontractors see a good opportunity and are excited about the bid process, which produces competitive bids.

Subcontractor Management

Our expectations for performance are high for a reason – we’ve proven time and again that our approach results in happy clients and successful project outcomes. We make sure selected subcontractors understand the standard of quality we expect on your behalf before they ever set foot on the job site. Triangle manages subcontractor performance through the stages of procurement, material and equipment approval, change management, schedule adherence, quality assurance, and safety performance throughout the project.


Triangle places the highest priority on safety of our workers, clients and the public. Every worker (whether employed by Triangle or not) is required to attend a detailed safety orientation training class in order to be cleared for access to our job sites. Each worker receives a hard hat sticker indicating his/her completion of the Triangle-led orientation class. We create a detailed safety plan for every project with input from all project personnel. This plan is continuously updated at major milestones or phases of the project.


The ability to provide quality is not an inherent ability. Recognition of quality must be taught by those who have learned before. Construction project quality delivery takes place not in the pre-construction phase or even in the design phase, but is delivered by the trades people, foremen, and superintendents that are on the job every day. Triangle’s reputation for delivering the highest quality construction is a reality only because of the experience of our employees.

Project Control Systems

Triangle has a dedicated team of professionals that closely watch for the latest in construction technology and tools that might benefit our clients. We leverage the latest softwares to document day-to-day construction progress and provide real-time updates to our clients and partners. We also work with BIM consultants assist with planning, constructability and coordination.