Integrity. Commitment. Loyalty.

These aren’t just core values. They’re family values.

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Relationships are the foundation of any family.

And, Triangle Construction is a family.

As an employee-owned general contractor, we always put relationships first. With our staff, with our customers, and with our partners, we’re focused on real conversations and real results.

Real guys doing real work

We’re building on a history of doing things right.

Tom Baer

President & Project Executive

Bryant Nixon

Executive Vice President

Wiliam Trammell

Vice President

Charley Patrick

Manager of Business Development

Jordan Truesdale

Project Manager

Hunter Sizemore

Project Manager


Our work is much bigger than who we are.

The Triangle Family extends beyond our employees to our clients. In every relationship, we seek to understand the challenges and offer nimble solutions – be it budget, schedule, or scope. We want them to feel comfortable with us, to trust us, and to know they can believe what we tell them.

That’s why every project gets our full attention when it comes to managing the safety and security of the site, the quality of our work, and our team’s ability to deliver on client expectations.

Whether it’s an iconic building that shapes one of our city’s skylines, a neighborhood school, a regional medical campus providing care to thousands, or a community facility that only impacts the neighbors and friends who use it every day, we want our work to stand the test of time with dignity and pride.

Just like any family, our name matters – it’s a statement of who we are and what you can expect when you interact with us. It’s the foundation on which we’ve built our reputation for over 70 years. And, it’s the promise on which we stake our future, one client at a time.

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