Backstage Renovations at the Peace Center

The Huguenot Mill was adapted as a backstage for the Peace Center when the concert hall was being designed for the 6-acre riverfront lot. Now, 30 years later, the Huguenot Mill has undergone renovations to update the facility, improve accessibility, and function for various Peace Center activities.

The renovation to the Broad Street entrance provides a more welcoming experience for ancillary event spaces and creates two accessible doorways, one of which is a dedicated entry for Peace Center administrative offices. The renovation included new landscaping and stonework that ties to the existing plaza on Main Street. Glass canopies, custom arched doors, and new exterior lighting are respectful additions to the Mill’s original architecture.

Backstage renovations at the Peace Center included adding new restrooms and showers to improve accessibility. With Wright Design Interiors Studio, the dressing rooms, Green Room, wardrobe/laundry were updated with new lighting, finishes, and furnishings to complement the mill aesthetic.

These improvements perpetuate the quality of the Peace Center experience through well-designed spaces, inside and out.