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Congratulations to Hobart Satterfield!

By October 14, 2014December 10th, 2019No Comments

Hobart Satterfield, one of Triangle’s most loyal and tenured employees has decided that the time has come for him to step down. Hobart’s career in construction began with Triangle in 1966 when Greenville was a small town and the GSP Jetport was just a baby. Hobart has the energy that most long for and he owes some of it to the diet of saltines and peanut butter crackers that are in the brown paper bag every day. The energy and drive to succeed awarded him a promotion to the position of superintendent and in 1977 he went to Lake Placid, NY to spend 6 weeks participating in superintendent training. His first project was the Tri-County Tech college campus in 1978. Over the next half-century Hobart helped shape the skyline of the upstate and formed a long resume of buildings with Triangle Construction. Some of his projects include the Duke Power Headquarters (currently First Citizens Bank) on Academy St., the Bowater Building (currently Nexsen Pruitt) near the Camperdown side of Falls Park and almost the entire campus at Rock Springs Baptist Church in Easley. Hobart has also built hospitals, churches, schools, and even parted the waters of the Reedy River.

Hobart was known for the fact that he would do things his way whether you liked it or not. While he was constructing the dam in the Reedy River behind the Peace Center he poured a 200-foot temporary diversion dam without much input. The tactic worked and everyone moved on but it was one of the many instances where it was done Hobart’s way.

The dedication, experience and work ethic that Hobart maintained throughout his career will be missed by all at Triangle. His free time will be spent watching his beloved Clemson Tigers on Saturdays and spending time with his family. Triangle will miss Hobart very much, and we wish him all the best in any future endeavors.

Hobart Mugshot