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Ron Freeman Retires With 46 Years of Service To Triangle

By January 31, 2014May 19th, 2014No Comments

ron_freeman_4_13_12_001Ron Freeman has retired from Triangle after 46 years of service, most recently and for many years as Triangle’s safety director.

Ron was born in 1942 in the shadow of St. Francis Hospital in Greenville. “I tried a little bit of everything when I was first starting out,” said Ron. “I sold Yellow Pages ads, I managed a shoe store, and I sold life insurance. But once I went to work in construction, I knew I’d found what I wanted to do.”

Ron worked under his father-in-law to start out, who was a Triangle superintendent for 30 years. He gained experience as a carpenter, and later ran the door-hanging crew. After a brief departure, Ron rejoined Triangle and in 1970 was asked to head up Triangle’s safety program.

“We bought a new truck and added ‘Safety Inspection” to the doors and off I went.” Ron’s efforts in leading the company earned Triangle a coveted safety record through the years, with numerous safety awards but more importantly safe work days and projects completed for Triangle people in the field and in the office.

“Making Safety a Habit” became the slogan for the safety program, and Ron’s efforts helped turn those words into reality.

Ron and his wife are the parents of three children, grandparents to 10, and have too many great-grands to count, Ron said. “I hope to stay healthy enough to do volunteer work,” said Ron, “and be able to give back to people.”