Craig Gaulden Davis

Craig Gaulden Davis’s office on Washington Park was built in 1974 as an earthen shelter for energy efficiency. Multiple renovations since, including a second level, have enabled the firm to grow in number and stay up-to-date with ever-changing technologies and contemporary office space design.

In 2017, Triangle and CGD embarked on a comprehensive renovation to replace the existing vegetative roof with a new waterproofing and paver system, introduce more flexible and collaborative workspaces with contemporary furnishings, upgrade the kitchen with a lounge and technology-integrated furniture, and recreate wooded outdoor spaces with new landscaping, bike racks, and seating areas.

This project completed in 2020.

This 8-month renovation project was a difficult project where the entire staff moved multiple times to accommodate the construction. Triangle's Edgar Jackson was assigned as Site Superintendent to work with a building full of architects! He quickly won over the entire firm with his incredible personality and can-do attitude. He led a team of his own crew and many subcontractors very professionally. We have such confidence in his abilities that we request him each time we have additional work to do here. Many project superintendents delegate all of the work; Edgar not only delegates and manages well, he actually does much of the work himself.

Ed Zeigler, FAIACraig Gaulden Davis Architects